In Memory of Clint Hall

"Clint was so wise and so respected by all!!," Owner Nancy Brodie cried. "In the most wicked storm, he could calm and steady me!

Clint has worked for Thomas (currently TL Worldwide) since 1972. "He will forever be missed, Brodie stated. "He treated my kids like a grandpa and the grandchildren like a great grandpa would. The only time he would take time off was to care for his wife on occations and for family trips to the beach, every year."

He touched everyone he worked with at TL. "A defining moment for my husband, Don, was at age 88, he wished he could spend another 20 years with us."

Clint worked for TL until he went into the hospital and hospice. "He worked until a couple of weeks ago," Brodie stated. "I spoke with him on the phone when he was in the hospital and he was so positive about his death! He told me not to be sad and stay strong. He told me , 'we all have to do it and it's just his time to go. It's his turn.'" I'm sure he could tell the tears were rolling down my face, Brodie continued and he said, "I've lived a great life and I have no regrets. He said, "Keep up the good work and love the time you have while you have it because we all have to take a turn."

Brodie knows he had to take his turn, but she remembered him with a quote he would always say, "Make sure you have six friends." I asked him why and he said, "You would be surprised at the people that had no one to carry them out of the funeral home."

Clint Hall, We love you! You will be deeply missed. You are God's chauffeur now." He must have an important mission he needs you to drive Him to. 

Thank you for the memories, your calm and your wisdom. 

Every year, on New Years, Clint would put a dollar on the wall at TL and say the most precious words that put everyone in tears. Clint these words are for you. .

To the Family of Clint Hall

I had the pleasure of working with clint for five years. Clint trained to to do 'funerals' at Thomas Limousine. Clint was a very kind and enjoyable person. I always looked forward to working with him and being on the job with him. Clint will always be in my thoughts.

Leonard Vanko

From Deb Henderchan:

       I met Clint twice and he left an impact on me both times. A man of great character who was very loved by our TL family! He will be missed tremendously! My prayers are with his family.

From Richard Frame:

You will be sorely missed! I'm going to miss your wit and humor. You tossed me some of your wisdom that I strive to use to this day. I hop to be as half as good as you were. If I can make it that far, I'll be happy. 

God Bless you my friend!

Clint Hall, driver, holds door open for a client. 

Words for Clint from TL