Brian has been with TL since 2005.  He has worked many of the positions at TL before reaching General Manager. He started as a porter, went to driving, sales and marketing, assistant manger and operations manager.

He was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He is married and has two children. 

Debbie has worked at TL for nine years. She prepares weekly payroll, input and receipt checks, prepares deposits, she settles trips, bills customers, and inputs gratuities for drivers. Prior to working at TL, she worked at a bank for 22 years. She was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. She has been married for 33 years, has two daughters, and two grandsons. 

Linda has been with TL Worldwide since 2005. She has worked more than 35 years in various customer service positions including 10 years as a customer service manager in warehousing distribution with a staff of 15 customer service reps. Prior to TL, she had three years experience with ground transportation services. 

Linda was raised in Atwater, Ohio. She has been married for 45 years and has two daughters and six grandchildren. 

Brian Warren--General Manager

Nancy Brodie--Owner

Donny started at TL over nine years ago. He first was a driver, then moved to trainer, training manager, and finally landed at personnel director. He has worked in the retail and restaurant industry. He has also worked as a finish carpenter for fine dining restaurants. He pursued an accounting degree, but decided to change his path because he enjoyed working with a crew. 

He was born and raised in Akron. He has traveled the United States for ten years with a couple different jobs. He met his wife and got married in 2007. They have two children and three grandchildren. 

Akron native, Nancy Brodie, owner to the third largest woman owned ground transportation company in the United States, got her drive and ambition from her early beginnings. She learned early what she needed to do in order to persevere. At age 13, her mom had a stroke. She spent the rest of her childhood living in many homes and in a trailer with no indoor plumbing. As she quietly watched the world around her, she dug deep to help those around her, regardless of the pain she felt. Always believing in helping others to get through her own pain, she and her husband, Don, at the young age of 22, took her 13-year-old stepsister as their foster child. Witness to the abuse her step-sister had endured with a five percent chance of living, they knew what the needed to do. Her foster daughter is now 45 with five of her own children.

Nancy’s passion has taken a fleet of eight cars to 80 plus. She has well over 100 employees and partners with some of the most prominent businesses in the area. TL has partnered with the Lebron James Family Foundation, The Rock Hall of Fame, Smuckers, The Cleveland Browns, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Hattie Larlham, Mature Services, Open M Ministries, Akron Rubber Ducks,  and Westfield Insurance, FirstEnergy, Signet, and Goodyear.  They have overseen many major events. the Canton Hall of Fame Inductions, Lebron James Family Foundation events, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies and events. They also oversee many board of directors movements as well.

Nancy’s love for her family and her employees has created a family run business. All of her four children, her sister, brother, and a future son-in-law, work for the company. Giving back is what has made Nancy’s business successful. “I understand pain. That is where my passion comes from. A lot of the staff, our employees, they have had adversity. I have seen where they have come from. I want them to know they have good things to look forward to. There are rough times, but good comes from it. I relate and understand. They are more than employees. They are family.”
Nancy doesn’t have a college degree. She graduated from an Akron High School, in 1979. She has since received several business certifications, but her passion for giving has taken a girl from a trailer and made her the owner of a multi million dollar business. When faced with adversity, never give up. That is her message.

Linda McCracken--Customer Service/Affiliate Manager

Donny Verham--Personnel Director 

Debbie Hughes--Accounts Receivable